Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Holes! A Coloring Book by La Zoo is another book of interest for it's design.  The book opens to the reader with this description.  "This is a coloring book, but not an ordinary coloring book.  Instead of coloring inside the lines, you color inside the holes.  You'll find that what you've colored inside the holes changes into something else when you turn the page."  Isn't the premise of this book, lovely?  What a great idea.  Helping children think differently.  Helping children think outside the box.  The holes in this book come in different geometric shapes; circles, squares, and triangles.  I think it will help students see shapes within their environment.  I think this book will help children draw things using geometric objects.  On one page a triangle is a tent and when you turn the page the same triangle is added to a circle to make a fish.  I think to have students try and design their own book with shapes cut out could be difficult but maybe a one page flip project might work.  La Zoo definitely helps students think differently.

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