Friday, March 4, 2011

Little Black Crow

Little Black Crow by Chris Raschka is a must have for anyone collecting books about wonderings! A little boy continuously asks questions about a little black crow.  One right after the other.  Here are a few examples.

-Where do you go in the cold white snow?
-Little black crow, where do you fly in the stormy sky?
-Little black crow in that tall tree, are you a boy like me?

The questioning/wonderings come back around with the boy asking the crow if he ever wonders about a boy like me.  I think this is a great model for children asking and thinking with stamina about one thing.  The illustrations are soft and subtle in warm brown watercolor hues.  We are setting up an observation window with bird feeders outside and I can't wait to use this text to model questioning/wonderings we might have.

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