Friday, July 29, 2011

NOW {Poetry Friday}

by Regie Routman

What do you love to do?
Make time for it.
Work will be there
Always constant
Love is fleeting
So is a sunrise
The bloom of an iris
A walk in the park
A child's laughter
Time with a friend

What do you love to do?
Go do it, savor it

How many times do you read a professional book and the last chapter is titled, Live a Full Life?  Earlier this week I reviewed Teaching Essentials by Regie Routman where you can find this last chapter and this poem.  I always look forward to vacations from school because I find time or make the time to enjoy and make my life fuller.  But, why do I wait for these breaks?  Regie has much wisdom on life in this small chapter.  I need to remember, "I am a more interesting person if I have stories to tell that are not just about school."  I hope to revisit this poem when I need nudging away from school to be a better person.

You can find Poetry Friday at Book Aunt, thanks Kate for hosting.


  1. Great reminder will you please post this again in January when I need another reminder.

  2. Thanks for this poem. It's a wonderful call to attend the small, lovely, day to day things that feed us.

  3. I love this Mandy! I'm going to be printing it out because as a new mom (one year old twin girls) I'm living with one foot in each world of home and school. I love being a mom, but I love being a teacher! I've read Reading Essentials and Writing Essentials. May just have to pick this one up too! Thanks for sharing on this poetry Friday!

  4. Oh wow, this shall be my mantra for the coming semester. A wonderful poem to share as well with my teacher-students. Often, life here in Singapore is so fast-paced that one loses perspective and fails to remember the finer things in life. This poem is the perfect reminder. One of my favorites this Poetry Friday by far. =)

  5. I love Regie Routman for many reasons--but one of them is that she is such a great advocate for and example of someone living a full life.