Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cranberry Red - SOLS 3

Cranberry Red 
is the perfect shade

It's not too bold 
or shocking
or screaming, 
Hey look at me! 
It's rich and elegant.
It's warm and inviting. 
It's crispy
like the skin of an apple. 

It's the perfect shade
for a 
Winter Formal dress, 
my precious girl.



  1. Mandy,
    It sounds like you found the dress. Perfect!


  2. Tonight was the night wasn't it? I'm glad she picked something beautiful. I agree cranberry red is perfect.

  3. I was imagining lipstick, a decorating color for a cozy room, then your last stanza brought back a flood of emotions when raising a daughter.

  4. I love how you describe the color by comparing it not just to the color of an apple, but to its texture: crispy like the skin of an apple. That is striking imagery! I am sure your daughter will be striking in it as well!

  5. Beautifully described! Cranberry red is a great color - I agree! My living room walls are that color and it feels just like you described. Glad you decided to slice!

  6. So glad you found the right dress for her! I bet not only the color was beautiful, but so was she!
    Lovely poem!

  7. Love this poem, both the description and then the surprise twist it takes at the end!