Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slice 2012 - 14 of 31 Reading List

I am excited to have lots of hours of reading time in the next week.  I might of been a bit too excited when I did some purchasing for my Kindle Fire.  Here's what I have gathered -

-The Best of Me
by N. Sparks, I've read all of his books

-Kill Alex Cross
by J. Patterson, I've read all of this series

-Train Like a Mother; How to Get Across Any Finish Line and Not Lose Family, Job or Sanity
by McDowell and Bowen Shea this is pre-ordered and comes out while on break, yea!

-Hunger Games
by S. Collins I need to be in this reading club before the movie comes out.  Two of my girls are excited.

-Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism
by M. Emmerich

-Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life
by A. Krouse Rosenthal

-The Book Whisperer
by D. Miller, yes not proud I haven't read this one yet

I also have gathered magazines unread - Natural Health, whole living, real simple, and Family Fun for poolside or beach time.


  1. What a great list! I love Nicholas Sparks. I read Donalyn's book with a group of teachers this year and loved it. I, too, look forward to some reading over break. You have a great balance of genres. Enjoy!

  2. Love Book Whisperer. Very grounding! Hunger Games is a page turner for sure.

  3. What an eclectic list, yet a list that mirrors your own interests in life! I love how you're gathering your books for vacation. Doing the same at my house. I think the anticipation of what I'll be reading is very exciting!
    Enjoy your time off with the girls and with these books!

  4. You are going to love the Book Whisperer. Have a great break with your books!

  5. I love selecting books for my breal, but I'm always overambitious. I like to say that some books I've just checked out and caressed before returning them to the library. I always joke that the books I select to take on vacation is more important to me than selecting the clothes I'll wear.

  6. Good list! I think I'm going to cruise slices to build my spring break list. :)

  7. Ooooo! So exciting, happy reading!