Sunday, March 25, 2012

Slice 2012 - 25 of 31 Reality

Reality is...
Throwing away old things in fridge
Cleaning inside the fridge
Stocking the fridge from the grocery store

Reality is...
Unpacking vacation clothes
Shifting closet space to hold hot and cool weather clothes

Reality is...
Changing bunny's liter box
Picking up two dogs from a friend
Visiting with my dear friend
Smiling while one dog finds stray tic tac in van

Reality is...
Vacuuming van, getting rid of sand
Wiping down everything inside van
Washing van at car wash

Reality is...
Picking up Cherry Berry mango yogurt with granola
Reading a bit of Wonder
Slicing on my laptop again

Reality is...
Making crockpot dinner for Monday
Thinking about school
Wishing I had more time
Grateful for last week and taking each day one day at a time

Reality is good and overwhelming.


  1. reality is now...I'm on vacation but in a blink it will be over...I hope you feel refreshed

  2. Great reflection on the highs and lows of reality!

  3. I'll be here next Sunday night, ok, without the beach sand and vacation part. Have a great first week back to school!

  4. You did a good job capturing the transition to teachers move from break back to work.

  5. Reality is ...
    Transitions stink

  6. We have one more week until spring break, no sand for me, but I'll hope for sun at my destination. Sounds like you had a fun week! Hope your Monday will be a gracious ease back into reality!

  7. So today is my first day of spring break. Reading this makes me realize how quickly the time will go. I'm grateful for the time, but I guess I better make the most of it. Welcome back to reality. (Sounds like you had the perfect break from it.)

  8. I love this format! Another simple way for me to ATTEMPT some poetry, which I have a phobia of, I am pretty sure. I love the highs and lows of this as well. I could relate, repeatedly, and that always draws me in to text.