Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Slice of Life Tuesday - Run Girl Run

Yesterday I found myself thinking about the Slice of Life monthly challenge I just completed.  I thought I could keep going in a writer's notebook.  Then I thought, I could keep it going by joining Slice of Life Tuesdays each week and make it a feature from my classroom since my blog is about teaching.  So, I had an idea from my room that isn't making it here today because after school life got exciting.  

Half the track ahead.  Down in the block.  200 meters ahead.  Starting in the fourth position.  Bang.  Passing number three, passing number two, passing number one.  Go, Girl, Go - She's in the lead and YEA!  She did it, N won her heat.  

Truly a slice.  A slice of seconds of my day today but it felt much longer watching her run half the track and sprinting ahead.  Cheering from the stands and so proud of her efforts.  There's something to be said for teamwork and she's done that a lot with soccer over the years.  So proud to see her be a part of a team that also promotes individuals improving their own numbers.  A really positive event for her to partake in.  She also did the 100 and that was a closer heat but we think she won that and was asked to go to the invitational this weekend for long jump.  Go, girl, Go!


  1. So exciting! Good for her and fun for you to watch!

  2. Congratulations on N winning her heat! After being a track parent for multiple years, I know the pride of watching your child succeed on their own. So glad you posted a proud mama story!

  3. Congratulations to N! And it is the most important time in your life too. You are there to support and relish in the life that is so precious. In the last year our youngest finished his college career as a soccer player (and of course, student). We spent many hours traveling to watch his games and still go to work/teach the next morning. I miss those times.