Friday, June 29, 2012

100 Things About Me As A Runner

1.  I have been a closet runner.
2.  I have been starting and stopping running for 4 years.
3.  I first started when I turned 40, it's now 4 years later.
4.  I usually restart each summer.
5.  I usually fall off each fall.
6.  This year I've done something different.
7.  I started at Spring Break.
8.  Why?  My mother in-law had stints put in and I started bootcamp at the Y and running.
9.  I love bootcamp! to vary the running.
10.  I see muscles from running and bootcamp.
11.  I feel stronger from running and bootcamp.
12.  I have made changes to make this time for myself.
13.  I've read a couple of books about running.
14.  The first summer I did followed the Couch to 5K plan.
15.  The next two summers, I just dabbled around without a big plan.
16.  I like plans!
17.  Sarah and Dimity wrote a great new book, Train Like a Mother.
18.  To be honest, all I've read is this summer's plan - 5K Finish It
19.  I started on week 3 - Walk 2 min and then run 6min 4 times.
20.  I liked running the same path in my neighborhood.
21.  I think running in the neighborhood guaranteed I could make it back home somehow.
22.  I found creative ways to run 3.1 miles in a small neighborhood.
23.  Running the same path gave me benchmarks for distance.
24.  I then knew about how far additional minutes might take me.
25.  I appreciated the walking periods between running periods.
26.  I like running at night.
27.  My body moves easier at night.
28.  I was dedicated enough to run in a slight thunderstorm on the horizon one night.
29.  I've gone out as late as 9:30pm, again just staying in the neighborhood.
30.  I've have increased my running wardrobe.
31.  I love the Champion line at Target for my clothes.
32.  I even bought running leggings in full length, capri, and short all in black.
33.  I wear running shorts over anything legging.
34.  I use and LOVE the app Runkeeper.
35.  I like numbers and Runkeeper tells me every 5 min. time, distance, and pace.
36.  My pace has improved, around a 10 min mile give or take.
37.  Runkeeper maps my path with my GPS on my Android phone.
38.  I have my running playlist on my amazon cloud.
39.  I always start with the song, If It's Love by Train.
40.  I have an arm band for my phone.
41.  I had a plan to run a 5K June 2nd.
42.  Things got a bit busy with the end of the school year, I didn't sign up.
43.  I want to make sure I can run 3.1 miles and smile at the finish.
44.  Since school got out I've ran 3.1 miles three times now.
45.  I found with the routine of running I look forward to it on my running days.
46.  Yesterday I had a small mole removed on my left leg, not to worry.
47.  The Dr. said no running for 72 hours and I am bummed.
48.  I can run on Saturday, the stitches come out in 2.5 weeks.
49.  I need to find a 5K, something small.
50.  I have been really inspired by my friend Franki.

Franki started a blog Reading Teachers Running and I have been following her fitness journey all year.  A recent post to start this summer was her list of 100 Things About Me as a Runner, where she also explains her thinking about creating such a list.  I appreciate her open and honest thinking about her journey.  She shares ups and downs.  She shared weekly what she could accomplish.  I found myself thinking, if Franki can do this so can I.  At one point we swapped a couple of running songs and as I shuffle through my mix, her songs come up and remind me, if Franki can do this so can I.  Many times people assume I am a runner based on my body type, whatever that is.  Running is hard.  For me, it's been an issue of thinking I can do it.  Running also requires mental fitness.  I've also had to make time and changes in my schedule to run and do bootcamp.  I've run 3 times a week to get this far.  I would like to have a good week of 3.1 running three times and end the week with my first 5K.  I'm no longer a closet runner, thank you for joining me on this journey.  

Thursday, June 28, 2012


PLAY and summer go hand in hand.  I am so grateful they have both arrived.  I was so excited when my Hearthsong catalog came as I was finishing up the school year only to discover it was filled with thoughts about playing.  I instantly thought what a great post to be first when I return to blogging to embrace the season.

"Play keeps us fit physically and mentally."   -Stuart Brown, MD

"Play is training for the unexpected."   -Marc Bekoff

"Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning."  Fred Rogers

"Play is the free expression of what's in a child's soul."  Frederick Froebel

"Life must be lived as play."  Plato

"Play is our brain's favorite way of learning."  Diane Ackerman

"Almost all creativity involves purposeful play."  Abraham Maslow

"Simple play outside helps foster a love of the outdoors."  Jennifer Ward

"Play builds the kind of free and easy, try it out, do it yourself character that out future needs."  
                                                                     James L Hymes Jr.

I hope your summer is including some play and these quotes help you feel safe in playing. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Just What I Needed

I received a small silver coin this past week from a kindergarten student.  The front is cute with ABC Teacher as the text with an apple.  The quote on the back was just what I needed to read in the hurried and harried rush  the end of the year brings.  I've found myself wishing I could stop time and bottle up where we are, as we finish our kindergarten year together.  Right now, it's all beautiful and my heart is happy from spending time with these 44 students and my heart is sad to let them go.

"A teacher is a gift from God, 
with the power to mold a child's character and mind, 
which is worth all the riches in the world." 

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can -
say goodbye to each group with smiles, hugs, and tears.
I can't wait to join many of you on summer vacation.