Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Research and Development Project

My journey with the Research and Development Project I mentioned earlier this year began last week.  This document hear explains the process a bit better than what I've been told or known until now.  I went with a team of three other educators from my school district and two from one within the area to visit Mosaic Elementary School which is part of The Rocketship Education in San Jose, CA.  We were luckily to have a representative from TRECA to guide our group as we traveled and thought together for two and a half days.  

For this journey and I would think for this whole process we have been give four essential questions to guide our thinking.  
1.  Is the current learning environment getting us what we want in regards to student growth, engagement, and personalization for all students?
2.  What are the metrics for which we will measure student growth, engagement, and personalization?
3.  What will productive learning environments look like 20 years from now?
4.  How can technology impact student growth, engagement, and personalization?

Stop by each day this week to see how I answer What makes this school work?  I was sent to observe, reflect,and collect evidence.

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