Tuesday, January 8, 2013

OLW - Invitation

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For those of us that have chosen a word for the year or even make resolutions these both are really invitations.  It's an invite to think differently and take action to further ourselves on a journey.  When I started to make a list of things the word create was going to invite into my life I honestly had a list of twelve quite easily.  The mathematician in me divided that up into one a month and panic swept across my body.  This isn't meant to be a to do list and fast paced.  I know I need to slow down my life a bit.  So, I redrafted my list (several times) and came up with five areas I wanted create to focus on for me.

Create is an invitation to write.  I discovered during the past year I enjoy writing.  I've let my family writing, scrapbooking side slide.  I don't know if I did any in 2012 and you know things in life happen daily worth capturing.  I also discovered through my work with Choice Literacy I really enjoy writing professionally and have goals to share and write more with them.  I also enjoy blogging and am thinking about the direction I want to take here.  I would love to hear back from you about what you enjoy or would like to see on my blog.

Create is an invitation to plan thoughtfully.  Planning thoughtfully will require thinking about balance.  I tend let work consume much of my life.  One has to appreciate this passion but I know my whole brain and body is being neglected at times.  I hope to plan more thoughtfully at school, The Joy of Planning by Franki Sibberson guided me to think more about this which in turn will free up some time at home to create and nuture my mind and body.

Create is an invitation to run.  Yes, this still remains a goal for me.  Honestly, in 2008 I began this journey and that was the year i was going to run a 5K.  It's not 2013 and this can't go on any longer.  This past spring and summer I trained and I could do it.  I know many of my friends are saying I could do it today.  However, I let school dominate my time this fall, I didn't run several times a week so now it's a mind over matter event once again.  I've started running again, I'm on week two and I have a 5k with a March date in mind.  

Create is an invitation to make things.  I feel peace and balance when I am making things.  I'm talking about my personal life here.  I enjoy knitting, scrapbooking, sewing, cooking, baking, gardening and reading for enjoyment.  I hope to share with you some things I do to find peace and balance during the year.  For Christmas, I got a new serger sewing machine and this is really something far different than my 25 year old Singer. 

Create is an invitation to enjoy.  In this busy life we lead, I find myself constantly asking myself to find what I enjoy about everything I try to accomplish.  It's easy to caught up with the busy life and make it all a to do list, robotic-ally completing.  For example, yesterday our dogs needed to go to the vet.  Annie did great with her weight and getting her nails trimmed.  Cooper is a slight mess with a soar spot on his leg, a major ear infection, and gained 6 pounds since July.  He came home with a four medications, a shot in his leg and a diet.  I could be slighly annoyed this took an hour and fifteen minutes but I enjoyed talking with our vet and asking questions to understand why these things happened to him.  Creating relationships and caring are things I enjoy.  I hope you enjoy your day today.

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