Wednesday, February 13, 2013


SEE A HEART SHARE A HEART by Eric Telchin is my new favorite book for looking and seeing the unexpected.  If we take time to just be and breathe and look we will see so much more in life.  Eric Telchin is the creator of and discovered his first heart when he spilt chocolate ice cream that melted on his counter.  Eric has captured more than 3,000 hearts using his camera phone and this is his first collection of hearts in book format.  Hearts come in all kinds of colors.  Hearts are seen in all kinds of things.  For example, in this book the obvious ones to figure out are found in leaves, flowers, moss on a tree, shadows, sunlight, and much much more.  While the text of this book is done in simple phrases that provoke bigger thinking about love.  For example, find a heart, fill a heart, mend a heart and many more.  The mend a heart text is illustrated with a piece of white fabric cut and fraying in the shape of a heart on green grass.

I think this book would be a great mentor text for seeing geometry shapes in our world.  Hearts are not geometry which is great because students could see an example of a shape in their environment and transfer what they see to find geometrical shapes.  I was also drawn to this book because I found a heart rock made of shale which is pretty thin this summer on Keuka Lake while vacationing where I grew up.  I thought I was  lucky to find a heart rock at a place I love.  "Eric's message is simple, Hearts bring love."  May your hearts be full on Valentine's day and each day of the year.

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  1. I am on the journey with you! I walked away from Friday feeling many different thoughts from the state did I do? I went to this link:

    I read up on House Bill 555 and saw that OEA recommended it to be reduced to 25% and was rejected by the Education Committee. There is a take action section that includes a sample email to send to your legislator.

    These are trying times in education...and as always I continue to find support from the blogging world, my colleagues, and the students we see everyday. Keep reaching for those stars! :)