Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SLICE 2013 - 26 of 31 Writing Like Grandma

Slicing on the go has been a bit frustrating this trip.  My app on my phone is not seeing my drafts I planned ahead.  My kindle fire wouldn't let me type once I found those drafts.  My father in law's computer is working fine but I am missing my laptop.  I went back and forth to whether I should bring it but thought it would lead to me thinking about work more and writing more and being plugged in more than I wanted.  Sometimes slices of writing can be short and to the point.  I often think when we think of writing they have to be grand big ideas or pieces.  My grandmother wrote daily before bed.  She had a preferred diary she used for years and years.  She didn't write in complete sentences but in four to seven lines of text she could grasp her day and look things up when she wanted to remember.  In grandma fashion.

Chilly in FL.  High 56.  St. Pete's Pier.  Aquarium learning - FL water creatures.  Panera lunch.  Prom dress shopping.  Meet friends from OH.  Night swim indoors.  Walk 2.5m am.  Ran 2.5m treadmill pm.  Rummy.


  1. This post is short and to the point but it gave me chills. I read some writing that my Grandma did during my Grandpa's final days. This post just brought those memories back. So, thanks for the reminder. She wrote in her own Grandma style too. Her last entry before she died was "And life goes on." It still makes me swallow hard and choke back tears. Unreal, right?

  2. Grandmothers are wonderful sources of inspiration. Sounds like you had a great day!

  3. My grandmother and great-grandmother both wrote in a similar fashion. I often think I need to try it out. Love that you did. :)

  4. Funny. I see Katherine's comment and have to add that my great-grandmother wrote in a similar fashion. She started with a short line or two about the weather. Sometimes she added a little something about her day, but usually just a line or two.

    It is hard to slice on the go. I'm down at my mom's. I did bring my computer, but am trying not to spend much time online. I will have a lot of reading to do when I get back.

    Thanks for the reminder that writing doesn't always have to big or grand. Sometimes it is the little nuggets we collect along the way that turn into gold later.