Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh no, George!

Oh no, George! by Chris Haughton had to come home with me over the weekend.  George is a dog.  The text is simple.  There is a repeatable phrase to encourage a positive shared reading experience in my classroom.  The illustrations aren't your typical realistic colors.  George is a red and purple dog.  His nose actually starts a bit red and progresses in monochromatic shades to purple.  I love the white background color for the pages, it makes George stand out.  George is like my Annie!  George must be friends with Eli my other new favorite dog book.  George is left at home to be a good dog.  George spies a cake in the kitchen.  Not only does he spy a cake, he sees a cat, and he sees dirt.  I know you can imagine what George does with these three things.  Harry his owner returns home to find quite a mess.  Harry cleans up, George says he is sorry and they go out on a walk.  While on their walk George sees a cake, a cat, and some dirt.  However, this time George has control and receives praise until he comes across a challenge that might be just too big to control.

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