Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why Field Trips are Important

This is a blog post I wrote to parents today on my classroom website.  We had a field trip today to an educational, working, organic farm.  We are so lucky Stratford Ecological Center is just up the road a bit from our school.  It reminded me why it is important we take our children out of the classroom to learn.  You don't see these things in four concrete walls.


We love Stratford      Ecological Center!  What a beautiful day we had with their staff and volunteers.  We spent two hours outside in fresh air on the farm.  I  mentioned this is my favorite day of kindergarten.  It reminds me to slow down and notice.  It reminds me the little things are big things.  It reminds me children are observers and inquisitive.  For example, I watched children notice that some trees have bumpy bark and some don't.  I saw children think about leaves being different shapes and that must mean there are different kinds of trees around us.  I saw children inquire about moss.  I saw children inquire and ask if a tree that looked like two trees but are joined at the base are one tree?  There are more things I noticed and heard.  I hope your child shares with you what they noticed and observed.  

I do have to share this one story.  Sometimes taking a child into a new situation is very eye opening.  We went to the barn and a friend did not want to go in the pen with the llamas and goats.  They stayed behind with a dear grandma and watched from outside.  I tried to coax a bit but got no where.  This friend wouldn't touch less than twelve hour old baby lambs.  This friend commented they have no dogs or cats and even feeding a goldfish can be work.  This is a confident student within my room and I found all of this a bit puzzling.  Things changed quickly when it was announced we were going to see a snake.  Giggles, jumps, can I hold it? were coming at a rapid fire pace from this little friend.  I thought no way.  A little known fact, Mrs. Robek does not like snakes!  Do you know where I am going?  Yes, you do.  This friend held the snake not once but three times.  Rubbing it like I did the baby lamb.  Smiling ear to ear while I hid behind my camera.  This story is why I love today in kindergarten.

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