Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Peepsqueak Wants a Friend!

Peepsqueak Wants a Friend! by Leslie Ann Clark has charming illustrations that have great kid appeal.  Pipsqueak is a chick that lives on the farm.  He is one of several chicks.  Pipsqueak has a problem.  All the chicks on the farm run around in pairs.  He is only one.  He can't find a friend on the farm and decides to go to the woods to follow some footprints that were left at the farm while everyone slept.  Pipsqueak travels and meets several friend on the way to the woods that are always together in a pair.  As I read further into the book, it began to have a fairytale feel with the repeating phrase, "But Peepsqueak said, "You are 2 but I am 1; my search for a friend has just begun."  His search continues and in the woods he does find a friend.  This friend is only 1 and they become 2.  While this final friend isn't a friendly kind of animal to become friends with, it does make 2 for Peepsqueak and becomes a friend to Peepsqueak.  As I read this book, I thought about skip counting, addition facts, multiplication facts, and a great story to show pairs.

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