Friday, August 2, 2013

Poetry Friday - Hello

Hello July
Hello summer

Hello reading
Hello library trips

Hello pool
Hello swim team

Hello running
Hello softball

Hello fabric
Hello dress

Hello sewing
Hello 4H judging

Hello vacation
Hello family

Hello funnel cake
Hello State Fair

Hello writing
Hello time with Dad

Hello room updating
Hello camp

Hello dog walking
Hello dog obedience

Hello downtown exploring
Hello art camp

Hello August
Hello savoring summer

@Mandy E Robek

When I bought my new mug I thought of a poem possibility modeled after Good Books Good Times by Lee Bennett Hopkins.  If you don't know this poem, please check it out.  Anyone who is a reader needs to know this poem.  I had no intentions of taking the month of July off from blogging but it happened and I think it might be something I do again next year.  Summer brings a different pace.  Summer reminds me to explore other interest than teaching.  Our summer has felt busier than usual but the girls have had some great experiences and those will create memories.  As I woke up this morning, I remembered my poem idea and thought of a writing pattern to use.  The first line is something about me and the next is something one of the girls or more did.  We all had some great hellos this summer.

Thank you Margaret for hosting the roundup today at Reflections on the Teche.


  1. Your Hello poem is simple yet full of so many wonderful experiences. Thanks for joining in the Poetry Friday roundup today. Hello, Mandy!

  2. I love your poem -- the hints and glimpses of your busy summer -- and the story of how your poem came to be.

    Nothing like a good mug (or robe) to get you back to your writing roots!

    1. Thank you for the positive and warm welcome back from vacation blogging.

  3. I love list poems and think this is a great way to reflect on your summer adventures! (With an extra hurray for 4-H!)

    Thanks especially for the video of LBH. I met him years ago and he gave me wonderful encouragement. Seeing this video brought back good memories and dreams, too. His laugh is like no other!

    1. What a wonderful treat to meet LBH. I love his poetry for emerging readers especially. He makes it accessible and fun.