Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Connect with Nature Pinterest Board

We went to the Columbus Zoo over the weekend and I happened to pick up a flier about apps to help families connect with nature.  I had my youngest daughter with me and thought what a fun list to explore and use together.  

Leaf Snap sounds fascinating.  With this app, users have the ability to snap a photo of a leaf and get it identified.  I later found a fun Leaf Snap fact, the idea came from an 8 year old.  How empowering is that for our students?  His father helped create the app, along with others. 

Later Sunday night, I began exploring the app list and thought I need to share this with my families at school.  I need to share this with my friends.  These apps are to be used while you are in nature.  They are based on what you are seeing.  They really aren't nonfiction books or resources redone in an app format.  I love how the are interactive in the sense of observing, doing, and acting. I began thinking this is a Pinterest project.

Here's a little secret, I am a novice, beginner, fussy, Pinterest user.  My mentor and friend Cathy is always sharing ideas and setting my bar for growth higher.  First, I created a personal account.  It's truly based on my personal interest and so far, I usually create or use the pin right away.  I don't pin things for teaching or school here in an attempt to balance or take time off from school.  I recently created a class Pinterest account to share ideas with families.  It's a tool many people are using. I want to reach my families in a way they use technology and again my friend Cathy does this too.  Mentors are inspiring.

After using the list of apps from the zoo I began searching some further apps I thought fit the collection - Connect with Nature.  Enjoy and I hope you stop  to notice nature on your own or with your students.  

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