Friday, October 11, 2013

Cake Walk {Poetry Friday}

sweet treat
to eat

find a number
music begins
I hope to win

fall festival

two tries
four tickets
I win!

 Copyright, Mandy Robek, 2013

I saw the Poetic app a while back and shared it with Mary Lee but never picked it up.  When I saw how she used it in her Flicker post from last week, I decided I need to pick the app up for myself.  When I got the app, I had no intentions of writing a poem.  I started playing around with the words and soon I was using the app Noteability to expand upon my Poetic photo phrase.   I wasn't sure I would like composing within an app.  I wasn't sure I would finish the poem.  I'm not sure why I was uncertain about drafting within an app.  I draft and compose on my laptop all the time.  It was so easy to work within Noteability.  I found myself revisiting my poem throughout the day this past Saturday.  Revising and editing along the way.  I really enjoyed the ease of typing and changing my word selection.  I don't know if it matters but I didn't save the drafts that led up to this one.  

Poetry Friday is hosted this week by, Laura at Writing the Word for Kids.  Thanks, Laura


  1. What a fun game of app tag! I'm downloading Noteability now!! :-)

    Love the poem, the "fun-draiser," and the title-image-illustration. Yum! I needtoneetoneedtoWANTto spend more time playing with my photos and photo apps!!

  2. Hurray for the cake walk! A festival game that requires no skill is always tops in my book:>) I especially like your fun-draiser--nice! Off to check out those two apps...