Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Five

Friday Five is a spin off from various post I have seen on Fridays where blog authors are sharing things that inspire them or are interesting to them.  I enjoy seeing what others are wanting or are inspired by and thought we could do this as educators.   What have you read this week, done, seen, or had happen that might benefit fellow educators.  I've tried to find things I enjoyed that made me feel positive and happy.  I hope you find something here to enjoy.

1.  Ohio teachers and administrators can be hopeful if these necessary changes are made to the new evaluation process.

2.  Just lovely and wonderful and happy, is all I could think after reading this peace by Donalyn Miller on reading, anniversary, and love.  It made me think, wonder, and hope.

3.  Being overwhelmed may not be failing, read about Ruth Ayers uplifting words.  Every day takes strength.

4.  I'm so happy giraffes are returning to our Columbus Zoo which is just a mile away.  Technology opens so many doors for us to learn and observe things up close.

5.  Saturday I get to pick up my copy of Celebrating Writers: From Possibilities and Publication by Ruth Ayers.  

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