Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Five

My Friday Five is a spin off from various post I have seen on Fridays where blog authors are sharing things that inspire them or are interesting to them.  I enjoy seeing what others are wanting or are inspired by and thought we could do this as educators.   What have you read this week, done, seen, or had happen that might benefit fellow educators.  I've tried to find things I enjoyed that made me feel positive and happy.  I hope you find something here to "scoop up" and enjoy.

1.  Read about how knitting opened doors for author Debbie Macomber when she was struggled dyslexia in the Costco Connection magazine.   Also, how knitting continues to help with her writing process.

2.  Love this quote and image on Brene Brown's homepage - "Maybe stories are just data with a soul."

3.  A natural extension from number two would be my new love for the Quotebook App I have started using faithly for collecting quotes.  The organization is easy and simple to use.  You can record the quote, author, source (I don't), rating out of 5 stars and tags.  Right now I have two tags I am collecting; life and education.  I love this little feature I stumbled upon - if I copy the quote from something I have read on my phone it will automatically ask to place the quote when I open the app.

4.  I've been anxiously waiting for some pumpkin ice cream at my local grocery store and FINALLY this week, I discovered Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream a seasonal flavor by our own home state company, Velvet Ice Cream.  There's a bit more nutmeg than others and little crumbs of pie crust.  Delicious.

5.  Again, makes my Friday Five list.  I can't say enough to encourage everyone in trying this organization to get things you need for your classroom and/or students.  My shelf arrived this week and I am completely in love with the possibilities that are in our future.


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