Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Exploring Materials, A new nonfiction series!

Metal is a brand new book this year and is part of an Exploring Materials series by Heinemann Library.  The book is under the Acorn series from Heinemann which is always a great indication it is written for early readers to build content knowledge.  Each tidbit of information presented begins with a question.  I love a question, answer format for early readers.  It's an easy format to foster engagement.  Readers like to find out answers to questions.  The book defines metal as a material and shows the reader so many different examples of metal.  Simple examples show where metal can be found in it's natural form.  Attributes of metal area shown with great describing vocabulary.  The book ends with examples of materials found in our every day lives.  Doesn't this front cover entice you to look further?  I think it does a nice job enticing a young scientist and reader to find out more.  It looks fun.

Other titles in this series I am using are;

These books are great for any kindergarten or first grade classroom.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know about these terrific books. Can't wait to get a few of them.