Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Properties of Materials Series

Shiny or Dull is another series from Heinemann Library written for the emergent reader under the Acorn umbrella.  The reader first learns about shiny and then learns about dull.  The text for these two sections mirror each other with simplistic sentences to help the reader be an independent reader.  The next sections compares shiny and dull.  What I really like about this section is other vocabulary a scientist would use to describe materials in our every day life.  Vocabulary words like hard, rough, smooth, and soft.  At the end of each book there is a "quiz", which would be a really great idea to do as a hands on physical sort with real objects that are in the photographs.  It could be a quick summative assessment.  

Other titles found in this series, I am using are;
Hard or Soft
Heavy or Light
Hot or Cold
Smooth or Rough
Stiff or Bendable

Another great collection for a kindergarten or first grade classroom.

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