Monday, March 10, 2014

SLICE 2014 - 10 of 31 Little Things Count

I'm taking a class within our district for the next six weeks.  The title is, Seminar on Global Children's Literature.  It's after school for two hours at a time and I was feeling a bit tired today.  I forgot to pack a snack and didn't bring water.  When I walked in the door for class there was a table of snacks, very nice snacks.  Snacks right up my alley; veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, apple slices with a very yummy homemade dip and then pita chips and hummus.  Yea, I didn't starve and crash during class.  She is one smart teacher!  I bought myself 20 oz of cold water and was excited to add that to my fitbit flex water intake for the day.  I saw the syllabus ahead of time and a text for the class was mentioned, I purchased it only to find out they had them there for us.  I think I didn't clearly read an email that was sent last week.  I had already started underlining and highlighting thoughts and declined the free book.  The kind book giver said,  you can still take one and return it.  Yes, I'm going to save about three groups of ten dollars.  Then our very nice teacher who has her doctorate read to us from global literature books.  I don't think I have been read to since I was at The Ohio State University for my masters degree.  As she read, I realized I enjoyed listening to someone else read while I pondered what she read.  I enjoy finding new books and I've been ignoring global literature, not on purpose but I use to plan integrated studies much easier than I have been lately.  Unexpected little things really do count when working with others.

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  1. Friend, it's amazing of the little things fell into place in your afternoon so your bigger moment and realization can come later. Love how things work out sometimes. I'd love to hear more about your class. :-)