Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SLICE 2014 - 12 of 31 Why do your veins...?

Nothing else mattered today during a writing conference!  

My friend drew a picture that looked like a popular topic in our classroom. My friend was writing letters on his own.  My friend had a story to tell and six months ago this little friend didn't want to write or share stories.  My friend was listening for sounds in words and able to identify the letter to represent sounds.  My friend used a resource to easily spell the word and.  My friend was using his spacer stick.  My friend had stamina to write longer.

Zombie and a blue boy. - something from minecraft

As we worked together, my little friend was rubbing the top of my hand.   He asked me, "Why do your veins do that?  They look like my grammies."  My veins do tend to be raised and I don't know why.  I quickly reflected on the idea he just compared part of me to his grammie and I laughed a bit.  Grammies are wonderful and this moment was wonderful. 


  1. Hooray for your friend for telling his story!

  2. Completely enjoyed your description of this really joyful moment!

  3. Ha! I've got to love kids. Once I had a particularly exhausting kiddo mention, as he looked at my hair, that I had more grey hair compared to the start of the school year. I had many thoughts that I held back at that time. :)