Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SLICE 2014 - 25 of 31 Reading Plans are Being Made

Going to the library with spring break in our future was fun.  I had my youngest and oldest daughter with me.  My middle daughter had text me quite a list of books, she wanted.  My youngest had wandered around the upstairs last night and gathered a few books to take with her, probably to make me happy.  Today, she changed that pile to be more meaningful with all new books - three were from the library.  Two of those are the beginning of a series and the other one was a recommendation from her oldest sister.  I was so happy to have my middle daughter just gush over this book when we got home.  Their ages and reading interest vary greatly so hearing them talk about the same book was wonderful.  

My oldest had a friend ask for book titles on our way to the library so she text another friend for some titles.  She hadn't been to the library in quite some time.  Most of her reading is text book related for school.  It was so nice to see her find titles from friends and myself, locate them in the library and have a fun reading plan for spring break.  

My middle daughter has the thickest books, the tallest stack and the largest smile about the books brought home for her.  I found several on her list.  I picked up two titles that were by the same other but different than what she requested and she seemed okay with that.  I made the judgement call to get the sequel to a book she asked for.  I even asked the librarian for a recommendation based on what was in my hands.  Her eyes just lit up when I could barely carry her stack.

Yes, my reading plan is missing.  My kindle fire has two books, turned or turning movie to read.  These are important to read because it helps me connect with my middle daughter.  I'm a smidge late on one title, the movie came out last weekend.  I have a book on there recommended by one friend and another friend blogged she just loved it.  I have a real book or two to bring too!  I have a book to connect with my youngest daughter to borrow from her room.  Lots for friends are buzzing about this title.  My kindle fire has a bunch more books - self help/reflection books, fiction fun titles, and yes a professional book.  I could bring physically books in all of those categories.  I feel like before I ramble off titles here I need to be realistic and make a plan.  One that I can obtain and wouldn't it be fun to surpass?  We will have lots of driving time and I've taught myself to read in the car so there is some good potential reading time either in the car or by the pool.  

If you have any reading advice for my plan let me know, I'd appreciate it.  All fun?  All e book format?  Ebook and physical books?  


  1. Don't make a plan! When you sit down to read with your kindle, choose the book you are in the mood for at that moment and go with it. (I liked Divergent and it was a pretty quick read :)

  2. Divergent will surprise you ... Dive right in!!! I still find I need the physical book in my hands, and I like for my kids to see me with books too instead of electronics always on my hands!

  3. I was glad I brought both formats with me, and am so glad I did. We only have 2 Kindles that can be read in the sun, so I ended up giving Kate my Kindle and reading the books while we were outside. Like you, she and I could then talk about books that we've shared.
    What was fun was having my husband join the conversation as well, since he has read avidly while we have been here.
    Enjoy the reading time and make sure you read something just for you!!!

  4. I agree with Meg, don't make a plan, go with the mood. Mixture of paper and e-books is good. I like how you describe the reading joy of your middle one "the thickest books, the tallest stack and the largest smile." Fun to have books that connect the family members. I discovered John Green and Veronica Roth thanks to my two older daughters.