Saturday, March 29, 2014

SLICE 2014 - 29 of 31 Why Winn Dixie?

We've arrived and when I am in the south I love to visit the grocery store Winn Dixie.  There's something charming about going.  It really has nothing to do with the quality of the groceries, the layout of the store, or the customer service.  I go in hopes of finding a stray dog.  A stray dog who is lost and making a mess inside the grocery store.  A stray dog who might need a good home and fall in love with me at first sight.  A stray dog who helps people heal and connect with other people.  I never seem to find this stray dog on my yearly journey to the south but I do always think about  one of favorite books Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo.  I also love the movie version of this book and my family doesn't appreciate how many times I could watch this movie.  

I had my oldest daughter with me tonight when we ran in for a few things to get us through a late dinner and breakfast.  She asked me why I loved going here so much.  I shared with her what I shared with you above and she said,  "Mom, that is silly.  If there was a book called, Because of Kroger would you shop at Kroger?"  She made me chuckle and the answer is probably not.


  1. I can understand you. I have read "Because of Winn Dixie" both in English and in Estonian several times. Love it. And if I ever saw Winn Dixie store I would shop there too.

  2. I would do the same thing! Because of Winn Dixie is such a beautiful book. Thanks for sharing!