Saturday, August 16, 2014

Celebrate This Week - Second Grade!

Today I am celebrating second grade!

I have 20 new friends.  7 friends are new to me.  13 friends and I spent kindergarten together and seeing them now two years later is really fun.  Second graders are independent.  Second graders know how to "do" school.  Second graders can work quietly.  Second graders can verbalize higher level thinking.  Second graders can read independently and write lots of sentences.  Second graders are eager to learn multiplication and read books.  I'm eager to spend the year with them.

On a side note, I am less tired mentally and physically with just one class of students who come every day all day long.  Every day is new and different and continues from the day before.  Life is good, after just one week.  I might just keep singing, "celebrate good times, come on!"

Thanks Ruth for reminding me to stop and capture the positive from the week with your Celebrate This Week community.


  1. Here's to a great start in second grade!

  2. I love that opener, 20 new friends. Exactly right! I'm glad you had such a good week, a blessing, right? You may have also had something to do with that too, like pre-planning. But you're right, 2nd graders are so sweet and capable. I hope you have a wonderful year, also happy you're less tired with all day.

  3. Love hearing about your fantastic week with your 2nd graders. It must be fun to see the changes since you had many of them as kindergarteners. I'm glad that you are spending all day with one group. Being less tired mentally and physically is definitely a good thing. Keep celebrating!

  4. I love second grade! I taught grade 2 last year...It was wonderful! Yes, you will be singing all year!

  5. I love that your celebrating your "new" group of second graders. You sure have earned this amazing new opportunity. Excited to follow your journey in sceond grade.