Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New to Me – Captain Awesome

My second grade-reading journey is very exciting because I am continuously discovering new books to me.  Stan Kirby is the author of the Captain Awesome series and I recently read the first in the series, To The Rescue.  I think we need to model how we pick books because that can be hard for students. I picked up Captain Awesome because the character on the cover looked fun and I thought it might be a book some of the boys might like to read.  I think I need more books to attract guy readers.  I will also share I thought many of them would love the sketches throughout to help support their reading. 

Eugene is a huge fan of Super Dude comic books and creates his own superhero to become.  All superheros have an archenemy and Eugene’s just happens to live with him.  Queen Stinky Pants from Planet Baby just happens to be his younger sister and creates mischief in his life.  Eugene’s not thrilled to start a new school because he recently moved.  Lunch is the best part because he meets Charlie who also likes Super Dude.  Turbo the class hamster helps create adventures at home and in school.  Eugene even has to change into Captain Awesome at school to save the day in front of his new classmates.  I thoroughly enjoyed how natural it was for Eugene to become Captain Awesome in public and change back to Eugene like nothing might be a bit odd about this.  He even wore his cape and no one made fun of him. 

 Here are three lines I love from this story and hope you find, if you pick this book up. 

“And if you’re making up your own superhero name, it shouldn’t be something lame like “Captain Just Okay.”  It should be mighty like…Captain Awesome! MI-TEE!”


“It’s not easy being someplace new, and sometimes it helps to know that there are people who care.”

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