Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday - Landform Books

I sometimes wonder if I change grade levels just to explore new books.  It's a simple equation!  New grade level + new content standards = reasons to find new books.  I decided I needed to save money and get back to borrowing books from the library.  I did that, only to discover these books were worth owning and paperback copies were ordered.

We just finished working with maps and learning about different landforms.  Capstone Press has a great series with pieces I could use for providing focused and concise information about three landforms or bodies of water; rivers, mountains, and islands.  Each book has information on the left page of a two page spread with a full page photograph on the right side of the spread.  The text on each page is about four to six lines.  Each book informs the reader how the landform is formed, famous land formations, and how people interact or use the landform.  Each book has nonfiction features to help early readers navigate; a table of contents, a glossary, other book suggestions for the topic and internet resources.  One feature I really enjoy about the the books by Capstone Press under the Pebble Plus subtitle is the amount of white space on between the lines of text.  It really helps early readers navigate reading much easier.

The books I found and just had to order were - 

Islands by Kimberly M Hutmacher

Mountains by Kimberly M Hutmacher

Rivers by Alyse Sweeney

Thank you Alyson for hosting Nonfiction Wednesday, it's nice to visit again.


  1. These look wonderful, Mandy. I did a bit of searching of the author, who has written quite a few NF books. As for your changing grade levels, I didn't know that you did, but now that I'm a lit coach for grades K-8, my interest and search for good books for all those levels has zoomed. It is fun to learn about books for different ages.

  2. I like a lot of these Pebbles Plus titles for independent reading. These, I haven't seen and they look great!

  3. These look like a great resource, thanks for sharing!

  4. We have a grade level that studies landforms too, I'll have to look into this resource!

  5. I too like the Pebble Plus formats. These look wonderful.