Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Slice of Life - It Doesn't Fit!

Stretching and pulling, this doesn't feel right.  It doesn't seem to be fitting but let me try again with another fluff.  It still doesn't fit and I check the tag on my brand new flannel sheets, it's a queen size and I asked for king size set.  I reflected on my first shopping trip to the new Target store around the corner and realized I asked the kind Target worker if they had a set in a king size but never confirmed the size when they got a package for me from the back.  I had already washed the sheet set.  I had already thrown away the packaging but these were not going to fit my needs.  I tried to pack up the sheets the best I could with the receipt and the wrapper.  I needed to return what wasn't working and get what I needed.  That's why they make different size sheets, one size doesn't fit all bed sizes.

I've been wrestling with my math instruction lately and I realized it's like that first set of sheets.  It's falling short.  It doesn't fit my students needs all the time.  I've been using a resource my district purchased because I've changed grade levels and needed help getting my feet wet in second grade.  I needed to see my queen size set of sheets falling short and not fitting my bed to confirm what I've always known about prepackaged teaching resources.  They fall short and one has to shop around to find the right size.  I think flannel sheet shopping was easier, the king set was right on the shelf the next day when I made my return.  Easy isn't always best and I'm ready to shop around for what's a good fit mathematically. 

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for hosting and fostering a writing community.


  1. Mandy, your post rings true with me today. Math instruction has to fit the students. I am struggling, too. Thankfully my math resource teacher shared some great websites with me. I'm devouring engageny.org. Best wishes for a great school year in 2nd!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Chris. I'm hearing lots of positive things about engageny.org. Another one that was shared with me was georgiastandards.org.

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    1. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Thanks Loralee.

  3. Maybe it is just math this year. I'm struggling and continue to reflect why? I haven't found the answe. On a positive note I am thrilled that Targer opened.