Monday, January 12, 2015

Math Monday - Math Game Resource

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Math Games for Independent Practice by Jamee Petersen is a great new resource from 2013.  Jamee is a consultant for Math Solutions and created this resource after working with teachers and seeing them being overwhelmed with the thought of pulling together games to use during math workshop.  You have to love Jamee for taking action to make our work easier!

If you are familiar with using math games during math workshop or for a Family Math program you will find some familiar games.  What I love about Jamee's collection is the additional insight for using these games with our students.  Each game is explained with four components; the connection, the teaching, active engagement, and the link.  This organization puts your math teaching into a workshop format and there is lots of guidance here for you to be successful.   Each game also has teaching tips, differentiating your instruction tips, a workshop summary, and tips for assessments related to the game.  There are plenty of new games too for those already using math games.

Jamee makes finding games a snap based on your needs.  There is an index organized alphabetically with grade level indication, by grade level and standards, and then by different materials used.  I easily found a game for addition that involved strategy and addends to 25, last week.

I've spent the first half of the year pulling 15 games from various resources and feel lucky to have this resource to use for a bit.  Everything is in one place and reproducibles are included in the back.  

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  1. Sounds like a great resource!

    I found a way to use Google Presentation in math!

  2. Just talking today about how to choose math games that fit the skills. Thanks will be sharing tomorrow.

  3. I used this resource every week for workshop planning. Love it!