Friday, January 16, 2015

Oh, Math Textbook {Poetry Friday}

Oh, math textbook
I'm giving you a look

I didn't think it was fair
To sit and glare

You deserve a chance
Before I take a stance

I'm trying 
But then I'm almost crying

For now,
a rest is best

@Mandy E Robek, 2015

Thank you Irene at Live Your Poem for hosting Poetry Friday this week.  I always enjoy spending some weekend reading time visiting Poetry Friday posts and I'm feeling lucky it's a long weekend for more reading time.


  1. Ha! A rest is best indeed! Math books scare me. I will not be sad if I never open another one in my life. Thank you for sharing! xo

  2. As you might have guessed from my own post today, math and I aren't the very best of friends. ;0) Well, the world needs English majors too, but I'm glad there ARE some savvy mathematical brains out there!
    Thanks for the fun poem and enjoy the long weekend!

  3. A rest is better than a math book any day!

  4. Who knew that both of our PF posts would wind up being about prejudice this week?!?!

    1. I didn't even think about my post being about prejudice but it is, however my Math Monday post might undo that thinking.

  5. This is funny, I like it.