Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Slice of Life - Don't Use the Downstairs Bathroom?

We got in from dinner the other night and I wanted to use the downstairs bathroom but it was occupied already.  I started to grumble in my head and then realized this was an opportunity to get more steps today by going to an upstairs bathroom.  So, I dashed upstairs and thought of a new Fitbit strategy - stop using the first floor bathroom!  It sounded like a great idea at the time but to be honest I haven't fully implemented that idea in the days since.  After this idea came to me I realized that since getting my Fitbit last spring I have several strategies and I could make a list.  I love writing lists!

Taking More Steps in My Life

1.  Walk in place while drying your hair.
2.  Vacuum more often, that's about 1,000 steps.
3.  Park father away in parking lots.
4.  Look at lunch room duty as an opportunity for more steps.
5.  Forget papers on the copier? no worries, more steps to go get them.
6.  Use the second floor bathroom, only.
7.  Have friends share step totals or be a Fitbit friend - it's quite motivating.
8.  Get only 1 item at a time from the basement and go back for more.
9.  Remember 1 mile is 2,000 steps - cheer to self, go Mandy go!
10.  Have two dogs who need to walk twice daily, in all types of weather.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for fostering our writing community.


  1. Go Mandy go! Always motivating me to keep moving. Thanks :)

  2. Go Mandy Go! This list is inspiring! I may have to write a list for myself. (10 things to do when I don't want to work out). Oooh! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I can't wait for the iWatch. Then I will follow your lead. :)

  4. Can't wait to join you Mandy, when I have the new iWatch.

  5. Wow, you're really thinking up some creative ways to get in more steps! Walking in place while drying your hair? That's dedication!

    1. I actually get bored just standing there waiting for it to dry and this seems to pass the time, all in the name of steps.

  6. Go, Mandy, go! I've thought about the FitBit, but haven't gone for it yet. Curious to see what the iWatch, that Bonnie mentioned, is all about.

  7. Go, go. Great list. I would add to park far away from the entrance to any store you go to. I get in a few steps that way! Thanks for the nudge, Mandy!

  8. Great list and way to get in more steps each day.

  9. My husband and I have both been know to do upstairs walks when we're close to our goal for the day. It's amazing how many steps can be picked up as we meander through each room and down the hallway. I also make more trips upstairs with items on the stairs. In the past, I tried to take them all up at once, now I spread them out over several trips. 2nd floor bathroom only? always my choice in winter, it's warmer upstairs!