Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New to Me - white fur flying

My second grade-reading journey is very exciting because I am continuously discovering "new to me" books.  white fur flying written by Patricia MacLachlan is a delightful story about helping, caring, and discovery.   Zoe's father is a vet and her mom rescues Great Pyrenees dogs.  Her sister Alice is a story teller who's vivid imagination stirs stories up.  Phillip moves in next door and doesn't speak.  His aunt and uncle are caring for him and they are new to "parenting".  

Relationships can be sweet, simple, and quiet.  Relationships take time and so does healing.  With time and healing new opportunities can happen and second chances are given.  The descriptive language in this book made me stop and pause a bit to think and reflect about the word choices selected by Patricia MacLachlan.  It's never quite clear why Phillip is living with his aunt and uncle, leaving this reader with more questions and discovering the answer didn't really matter to tell this delightful story.

Here are three lines I love from this story and hope you find, 
if you pick this book up.

"We watched white fur flying into the room, carried by the summer breezes coming off the porch."

"A little slice of sunlight marked the place she had been."

"But then, surprise, it is someone else who shows you what is really there, like the truth a photograph shows."

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