Saturday, March 14, 2015

Slice of Life - Taking Care of Me

Teaching is demanding and requires work beyond our days but today I decided to take care of me.  I walked the dogs in the pouring rain because it felt like spring.  I made my oldest scrambled eggs because she's afraid to eat them on campus and seeing her smile makes me smile.  I cleaned the floors with my new vacuum and was happy to have a cleaning job done early.  I took my first yoga class at the Y.  Celebrated my youngest earning an Exceptional Eagle award by honoring her Planet Smoothie free card.  I took a sewing class with my middle daughter and planned more sewing projects.  The sun was shining so I took my running outside.  Walked to grab dinner with my husband while the girls got their bikes out.  Then I decided we could do some power shopping at the mall for an hour to find shorts for Florida.  Here's to health, creativity, and relationships that will guide my planning and teaching this week.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for fostering and organizing this writing challenge.


  1. You have described a wonderful day, good for you but also good for many members of your family.

  2. I hope you feel very productive. I think it would take me a week to get all that in. What a great day.

  3. Mandy, what a full and wonderful day! I wrote a bit about taking care of myself too. It is so important. Gives us more energy to give everyone else. Have a great week!