Saturday, October 24, 2015

Celebrate This Week - It's Okay and Memories

This week I celebrate it's okay and memories.  

For weeks I asked, what would you like to do for your birthday?  I would toss out all kinds of ideas; big, small, nothing, go somewhere, and silence.  This past Monday out of the blue I got a bubbly response.  "Mom, I want to relive one of my childhood birthday parties with my friends.  They never got to come because we met in middle school and our parties are always the best!"  My reply, "Great idea, plan it and I will get the things we need."  Inside I began to wonder how would we pull this off for Friday night.

We did pull this off and the evening has been filled costumes, pizza and wings, creating spider cupcakes, playing pin the spider on the web, mummy wrapping a friend, relay races, presents, making "spooky" halloween treats for the movie which is occurring right now with lots of laughter, music, and talk.  The house is full of joy.

While shopping for everything Thursday night, yes the night before I found myself talking to myself a lot.  It's okay I didn't do any school work.  It's okay my plans were sketchy in my mind.  It's okay I put work aside because the house is full of joy and joy matters.  While this started out as reliving a childhood memory it's turned into making new childhood memories.  

Thank you to Ruth Ayers for fostering a community where celebrations are found and shared.  Reminding us of the joy in our daily lives, inside and outside our classrooms. 


  1. Indeed okay to let some things go so that others can shine brighter. Love this post!

  2. Oh this is so special on so many levels. The idea that your daughter enjoyed her parties so much that she wanted to share them anew, that you are willing to work so hard to help her have the perfect party, and the party itself sounds like so much fun.

  3. This sounds like a really special birthday celebration! Definitely one that won't be forgotten!

  4. So wonderful - "the house is full of joy and joy matters." Yes, yes, it really does. :)