Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Slice of Life - Did I hear her right?

She asked me to read her paper when I got home from parent teacher conferences.  This was her second attempt on the project and a much better version.  We make a few adjustments.  We have a few questions for her teacher and I purposefully created these questions so she had to ask for help and clarification.  We are getting near the end of her piece and I'm starting to feel how tired I really am from the day when I'm not sure I heard her right.

"Under-case the word Cinema."

I know I turned and looked quite puzzled.  I wasn't sure I heard her just right.  I questioned what that meant.  She looked at me as if I wasn't listening.  Her expression made me stop and think I should understand the word under-case.  But I didn't understand so I asked again for clarification.

"You know, make the c smaller."  

I burst out laughing and we had fun talking about uppercase and lowercase.  It's always interesting to hear how students or your own children create phrases to explain what they need.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for inviting teachers to write and share their writing with each other.  This community helps teachers and students grow in writing.


  1. Questioning always helps, doesn't it? Funny, but if it has meaning for her, that's what counts.

  2. That's really funny. I have plenty of those moments with my three-- 2 years old, Kindergarten and 2nd Grade.

  3. That is fantastic. I have heard this in my writing teacher days. It makes sense though, no?!

  4. I could see that moment of confusion as you tried to understand what in the world is she talking about. Too funny! I just love language like this!

  5. I haven't heard this one yet! Just the other day I did have a student ask me which I liked better, sunsets or morning sets! :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love this and love the fact you found the strength to laugh in the face of exhaustion!
    Clare and Tammy