Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Top 10 Posts 2015

Thank you for joining me this year and being a part of my blogging life, readers.  I've appreciated the comments and realize these opportunities offer me more reflection and opportunities for further conversation with so many wonderful educators.  A new year seems to bring a natural pause in life to reflect and think about the next 365 days.  Reflection involves looking back and I began wondering; what posts were had the most readers, what might my readers be interested in, and what do I like to write about.  Here's what I discovered in looking at the top ten viewed posts.

Reflections -

7/10 posts were shared as part of a larger community
6/10 posts Cathy Mere as a part in hosting the larger community event
4/10 posts are about or sharing children's literature
3/10 posts are about professional reading
2/10 posts are about my math thinking

This is my 100th posts for 2015.  Since I started blogging, this is my "lowest" post year. There are several reasons for that within my personal reflections and as I pondered those I realized I'm not ready to retire this writing space.  So friends, I would really love for you to join my conversation and make it bigger than me talking to myself.

What would you like to see me share?  What would you like to know more about?  What would you like to see me continue to do new?  Happy New Year and be safe in your celebrations!


  1. Mandy your second to last paragraph spoke to me - in all honesty yelled at me. I posted the fewest blogs ever this year and I have to let it go. I don't always leave a comment, but I am always learning along with you side by side. I appreciate your math posts and how you continue to build a community of learners from all over. Happy New Year a day later :)

    1. Maria, thanks for stopping by and I hope my yell wasn't too loud. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving your thoughts. May we both write more this year.

  2. We do get into some trouble together. Several of my top posts were related to you as well. I think looking back over the year speaks to what readers come to our blogs to read. Something to consider....

    As for commenting, I really need to be "mindful" of taking the time to comment. A few years ago, I worked hard to comment to let others know I had been by. Lately, since moving to Feedly, I do more reading than commenting. There are just too many clicks to get to the commenting page --- and my phone (where I tend to read posts from Feedly) is much too small to enjoy commenting. I guess I need to think a bit more about this.

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to many new adventures. You know, Tuesday is coming.