Monday, January 11, 2016

Math Monday - Fact Fluency - Why Twitter?

Last week I began my yearly wrestle with fact fluency because what I know to be best isn't easy.  It takes articulation, documentation, trust, practice, and time.  I trust my decisions but when your decision isn't a timed test, you sometimes want and need reassurance.  I began with a Google search about fact fluency and discovered these recent gems from National Council Teachers of Mathematics.

Then I thought about some of my mentors in teaching mathematics; authors I've read and people I follow on Twitter.  One reason I love Twitter is the accessibility to people willing to share ideas.  When I get stumped, I often think of a mentor and wonder how they would answer the question.  I figure if they are on Twitter, they are willing to have conversations and share ideas with people.  So, I reach out and ask my questions and every time my mentors have been so helpful.  Look at these two Twitter conversations I had last week and I'm sure you will want to start asking mentors questions or maybe even start using Twitter!  

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