Monday, January 4, 2016

#nerdlution YES!

I saw a tweet with the #nerdlution hashtag during winter break and quickly returned to holiday, family, rest, and fun.  I wasn't even sure if it was happening again or if people were reliving memories.  Then I read Franki's #Nerdlution 2016! and she sums of everything #nerdlution for us!  Stop by there to get the history, the why, the how, and the urge to join!

Yesterday I shared my One Little Word 2016 - STORY and participating in #nerdlution is just right for me!  I hope you'll take a moment to know my behind the scenes thinking for my #nerdlution.  The bottom line is I need to document my stories which will be done through writing.  So, I wrote this post last night on Day 1 and will continue to write each day for 50 days.  My goal is 20-30 minutes.  

I'm a bit worried about doing it each day and need to be held accountable.  For my own personal accountability I made a checklist.  I wanted to see small steps of success so I chose to organize it in a 5 x 10 array but if you like you can orient it horizontally and have a 10 x 5 array.  

You can access the checklist and share with a friend for your own accountability via this shared google drive pdf, #nerdlution checklist.  However, the point of joining any community is to share success, encouragement and accountability so I plan to share on Twitter when my writing is done and name or code what type of writing I've done.  Some of my writing will go public and some of my writing is personal but I will write!

Thank you #nerdlution community in advance for your support as I explore my goal of STORY.

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