Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Slice of Life - Fulfilling My Heart Round 2

One sunny day the birds were out I was going to the bus stop then suddenly! a big gust of wind blows my hair on picture day.  I had to run alllll the way into my bathroom and re-do my hair.  All of it.  My mom came rushing into the bath room... and she says.....

One time my friend Will had a sleepover with me.  We started eating dinner it was kfc chicken bowls.  At like 5:15pm I poured so much gravy it was like stew.  I pouted.  Way too much gravy that is not good.  I mean Not good.  Advice never pour too much gravy on things.

Yes, another round of papers to look at, narratives tonight.  I was working hard to get through the stack.  This is the third round I've taken to "score".  If I'm being honest, I wasn't stopping to notice anything until I got almost to the bottom.  Both of these pieces are written by boys and I've only shared their first page, a lead.  These leads made me stop.  They made me smile.  They made my heart fill with joy.  I've always been a fan of choice in my writing workshop.  I don't really know anything else.  Today I know Choice promotes Voice - this might be my new writing mantra and I only discovered it by stopping and noticing.

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers group for hosting our writing community and you can enjoy other slices from today by stopping by the link provided.


  1. I am sitting here and just smiling! What grade are the boys? Too cute!

    1. The boys are in second grade. The first one didn't like to write when school started and the second one wrote just enough on the surface.

  2. Now I am cracking up, a boy is worried about his hair? Hilarious! These are so full of voice. Thanks for sharing these delights!