Thursday, March 3, 2016

Slice of Life - Goose Skates

honk, honk, honk
the alarm goes off
there's a flurry of 
black, brown, and white ahead
the alarm speeds up
honk honk - honk honk - honk honk
short burst of flaps
smooth slippery slide
sounds like ice skates 
on very thin thin ice

The dogs and I were headed back home and as we got to the pond a pair of Canadian Geese let us know they didn't want us to come any closer.  I had seen the thin coating of ice on top of the pond and wondered on our first pass what would happen if a duck or goose wanted to land on it.  I wasn't sure if it was really covered in ice because it looked so thin.  I still can't believe I got to listen and notice what does happen if a goose tries to land on a super thin layer of ice.  In writing tonight, I realize my sense of hearing played as an important roll in this slice as my sense of sight did.

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers group for hosting our writing community and you can enjoy other slices from today by stopping by the link provided.


  1. What a vibrant and unexpected image! Thanks for capturing and sharing it, Mandy.

  2. Now that would be a fun sight to see! Aren't birds fun to watch?

  3. Great image. Read it twice so I could go back and hear the sounds. Happy Writing!