Monday, March 28, 2016

Slice of Life - Reading Discovery

book three
in a series
final story

movie viewing
daughter date

reading along
caught off guard
oh my - not anticipating

24 hours
not a happy reader
10 min walk
conversation - chat
thinking the story through

simple happy ending
1 character
didn't happen

bigger community
happy ending
did happen

I was so disappointed last night as I read and finished my book.  I let it stay with me for the day and just kept repeating - I can't believe.  Then I let it rest for a bit.  As we walked tonight my daughter and I started chatting about the book tonight and I saw something different.  One character may not have had the ending I was hoping for and many others but an entire community had a happy ending.  Books don't have to have happy endings, I think it's something readers come to expect.  Having the happy ending not so obvious made me ponder, reflect, and think deeper to find what I was looking for.

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers group for hosting our writing community and you can stop by the link provided to enjoy other slices from today.


  1. By any chance is this "Allegiant"? This sounds so much exactly how I felt when I read that book. If not, tell me what it is so I stay far away! LOL!

  2. Sometimes when I'm unhappy with the ending, I have to sit back and think why did the author do that? Then maybe I can resolve the feeling, maybe not. Guessing you read Allegiant.

    1. Yes, I read Allegiant. I have to read them right before the viewing the movie so I can keep things fresh in my mind. I just learned the movie is just the first half.

  3. Endings don't have to be happy for me to like them but they do have to make sense....and end the way I want. ;-)