Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Slice of Life - Sunrise

Sunrise begins the day
as a rich deep orange creeps out 
the horizon line gets defined
pushing the night sky away
orange subtly lightens
as purple to pink creep in
shades lighten
as crisp clear blue appears
bringing hope for a sunshine day

These are actually notes I took while stopping to notice the sunrise.  I thought about turning them into complete sentences but didn't like how wordy that seemed.  It's not meant to be a poem or a list, today.  It's a collection of words describing what I thought when I stopped and noticed.  A slice in time and a slice in words.

                     Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers group for hosting thinking of a writing challenge and fostering our writing community.


  1. as purple to pink creep in - love that visual - it reminds me clearly of sunrises I've experienced myself. Hope you have some more lovelies like that.

  2. Love this slice in time! Thanks for sharing your thoughts as you stopped and noticed. It's what slicing is all about!

  3. I love your collection of words.
    I've discovered that my mind - and my collections of words - most often take the form of a poem.
    It's not something I've done on purpose.
    It's born, I believe, of the discovery that so much of a message's meaning comes from the pauses.....

    All that to say - THANKS for sharing!

  4. What lovely, descriptive words you've found.

    I love the line "pushing the night sky away."

    I am often driving into the sunrise during my morning commute and I love how you've captured the magic beauty of the sky.

  5. Isn't is great that the SOL challenge makes you look around to observe what you can write about? And how wonderful to write about orange on our first day!

  6. You've taken my view of the sunrise and put words to the awe I feel every time I am up and witness a sunrise. Love the horizon line gets defined pushing the night sky away. Perfect! Wish I'd written those lines. :-)

  7. Love -- a slice in time and a slice in words. Hmmmmm - new structure??? So happy to connect with you this month through #sol16