Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mostly Monty by Johanna Hurwitz

Here it is the last week of school and I'm adding new characters and books to our classroom library.  I justified it because I need more boy characters.   Mostly Monty by Johanna Hurwitz is going to be a great addition to our collection and the three other books in the series.  Monty is a first grader but I think a mature first grader that second graders will enjoy getting to know.  

The first chapter might be my favorite.  We learn Monty has asthma and it's just part of his everyday life, like a pair of glasses.  He is worried about starting first grade.  He settles in and loves going to the library.  The librarian, Mr. Harris suggests the students pick from the picture book area in the library but Monty wanders over to the nonfiction section because he loves reading about animals.  Mr. Harris suggest these are too hard and Monty should wait a couple of years to read books in this section.  Don't worry, Mrs. Meaney his teacher saves the day and confirms Monty is a very good reader and can read anything.  Mr. Harris congratulates Monty and lets him browse for a book.  

Monty's next adventure involves having a pet caterpillar because anything with fur would bring an asthma but this caterpillar isn't a caterpillar for long.  Then  Monty rescues some treasures from the neighbor only to realize some of them are broken and can't be repaired.  However, there is one treasure he can keep and won't upset his asthma.  Then Monty becomes a lost and found expert at school which has an interesting twist for him.  Each adventure is told with humor and honest reactions that little kids would offer as they interact with each other.  It's interesting how each story has a small twist and turn with a positive outcome.  

A favorite line to enjoy - "Reading was the one thing he could do without worrying about his breathing."

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