Monday, August 8, 2016

What A Beautiful Morning by Arthur A Levine {Blog Tour}

I am so excited to be hosting today's blog tour for the book, What A Beautiful Morning by Arthur A. Levine with illustrations by Katie Kath.  The front cover of this book peaked my interest right away with the joyful smiling faces of a young boy and an older gentleman.  Right away my relationship prediction was confirmed and the reader learns these two love being together.  They love to be perky and happy in the morning starting their days with walks and different songs.  They even sing through breakfast.  

This year things are a bit different.  Grandpa can't seem to remember various things; how to cut his food or who people are.  Grandma's advice to Noah just tugged at my heart, "So we have to appreciate what he still has, not focus on what he's lost."  I found Noah to be a brave young boy.  He decided to carry on with their morning routine without Grandpa.  Noah is completely surprised when Grandpa joins him in song with his perky and happy voice.   Noah experiments throughout the day with singing as a way to connect with Grandpa and once again Arthur A. Levine careful language tugged at my heart, "It was like the sun breaking through the clouds."  The ending of this book show acceptance, love, and beauty.  We need more books helping children understand challenges our elders face.  

This book is the perfect mentor text for showing movement through the illustrations.  Katie Kath has done a beautiful job in showing emotions, thinking, and thought through facial features.  She shows movement with the positioning of the arms and legs while using little movement lines young authors love to try.  Every time I read this book, I see more reasons to make this a go to book for studying movement and action.

Thank you Running Press for Kids for my review copy.  Make sure you stop by these other blogs to read more thinking about this beautiful book, available August 9, 2016.

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