Friday, January 13, 2017

NOW {Poetry Friday}


What do you love to do?
Make time for it.
Work will be there
Always constant
Love is fleeting
So is a sunrise
The bloom of an iris
A walk in the park
A child’s laughter
Time with a friend

What do you love to do?
Go do it, savor it


Regie Routman

Reggie Routman closes her book, Teaching Essentials with this poem.  I read this title back in 2011 and shared the poem during the summer months.  It hangs on my inspiration board as a guiding reminder.  These thoughts shouldn't wait until summer for educators and they seemed like a great way to start a new year.

Thank you to Keri at Keri Recommends for hosting Poetry Friday this week.


  1. Such an important command for us to remember...and do. Thanks for the reminder, Mandy.

  2. I am trying to do this, Mandy. Someone told me once that no one every said on their dying bed: "I wish I had worked more." Lovely send-off from Regie.

  3. Learning this week that a loved has cancer, this poem hits home. We must make time for it because we know not how much time we have.

  4. thank you for sharing this poem. It is a good reminder. The work will always be there, but so many important things are fleeting.

  5. What an incredible inspiration. Life is so short, yet at the time it's far too long to not make time for the things you love!

  6. That goes so well with the video that Keri posted!

  7. A delicious poem that simplifies life down to its best parts.

  8. The roundup is FILLED with posts that resonate on this theme. I'm listening, Universe. I'm listening.

  9. I am following Mary Lee around the interwebs, watching in the comments as she pulls together this resounding theme of NOW, of embracing the present, of making time for what is most important. Thank you for sharing this poem because we all need reminding that work is constant!