Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Piper Green is back in The Sea Pony

I noticed a few of my students trying the first two Piper Green stories during independent reading and it triggered my memory; Piper Green and the Fairy Tree The Sea Pony was in my TBR pile!  I immediately moved this book to the top of the stack so I could keep some reading momentum going in our classroom.  

With each Piper Green and the Fairy Tree story, I seem to fall in love with her more and more.  I love the format of her stories; short chapters, a smidge larger font, an occasional black and white illustration to support the story, and a good amount of white space between the lines.  

Piper's personality is one any reader must adore.  She's spunky, helpful, and hopeful.  Piper really wants a horse and witnesses the first horse coming to the island in which she lives on.  She decides to help her dad on their lobster boat by stocking feeder bags for ten cents each bag.  She soon realizes it would take a long time to save money for a horse this way.  She has a fairy tree in her yard where she leaves things for the fairies and in return the fairies leave her things.  An interesting whistle was left in the Fairy Tree and helps Piper connect with a sea pony while on a lobster catching adventure with her dad.  During this adventure, she helps her dad find something really important.  In return, he surprises her with a new opportunity.  She doesn't get a horse to own but her dad's clever thinking is one any parent should/can admire.

I can't wait to discuss this book with my students.  I think we will definitely discuss finger snails, bosun's whistle, gullywhumpers, and sternman.  

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