Friday, March 31, 2017

31 Days - Reflection {Slice of Life Story Challenge}

I did it!  

I wanted to jump ship twice and hang up my writing.  I had high hopes for using my notebook daily as I did last year but I didn't make that happen.  I posted much later than I had hoped.   I got caught up that a slice has to come from something on that day specifically but I don't believe it has to.  Maybe I should start collecting small moments now for next year so I can post earlier and I can overcome the day where I wrote about not having anything to write about.  

I did write for 31 days.  I did start a new notebook and captured a few thoughts.  There's potential here.  I enjoyed reading posts by others and often connecting with their small moments.  I did connect with old friends and enjoyed comments from new slicers.  I appreciated everyone who stopped by and scanned or read a post.  I appreciated the comments very much; we all need caring thoughts.  I laughed each time Clare commented about my posting time.  We live in the same time zone but she's convinced we don't.  I worried about a few friends who disappeared during the month and was glad to know things are okay; life just got busy.

I wrote more about my classroom than I usually do here and started off wanting to find the joy some days in this world of education.  I did find joy in education, it's there if we look and accept what we can control and gently shut the door to embrace what brings us joy.  

Thank you for joining me on this journey!  We did it!

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for organizing the Slice of Life Writing Project.


  1. I ended the month in your time zone --I was so late, I was actually first on the next day!! Mandy, I noticed you wrote more about the classroom this year and I loved it. You should explore that topic more -- you have a lot to say and a great voice in your writing to make it come to life. Thanks for sharing and slicing and making me smile!!

  2. And 31 days is such an accomplishment, isn't it. It was hard...some days harder than others. But we did it. Hope to see you Tuesday and learn more about your classroom through your slices.

  3. I've enjoyed reading your slices this month. My goal this year was to write in the mornings- I write better and besides, more people read what you write. But I didn't really get the job done, most nights I was squeaking in under the wire. Oh well, we can say that we did it, right. And maybe I need to start collecting slices for next March too!