Tuesday, March 28, 2017

DIY with Guidance Tech Support {Slice of Life Story Challenge}

Ugh.  Where did the internet connection go?  I was just in my work email.  I just went through the school district's portal.  My desktop has internet connection but I can't move around with that.  I start doing some self talk - I wish we had technology support right here in the building but we don't.  That went away years ago with budget cuts.  I don't want to take the time to get help but once the students come I can't really spend time on this.  Okay, I better call the help desk.  I don't know the numbers for the help desk and it's probably the only number I dial this way - HELP.  

There she is - friendly Kim.  I don't know how she remains so friendly in a position that has lots of people calling with requests and so few people in this office to do the work.  I actually imagine this department at Central Office in a little tiny space; maybe the size of a master bathroom of a modest sized house.  I think there are 6 people for 23 buildings.  

Kim was glad I did some troubleshooting first.  I shut the laptop down and restarted it.  Still no internet connection.  I give her the asset tag number but she can't swoop in and ghost own my machine to fix it for me.  Then she guides me through what I need to do.  It involved unplugging the wire from my phone and putting it in the back of the laptop.  It then required I go to a couple of screens and try to reestablish the internet connection.  It wouldn't work.  She walked me through again and it did work this time!  I unplug the wire and plug it in to give my phone service.  Before she hangs up she wants to make sure the connection is established and really working.  She asks me to go to any website.  I type in www.amazon.com - yikes, books and prime membership makes a dangerous combination!

I never expected my teaching position would involve technology repair but I'm grateful for friendly Kim who is patient, friendly, and kind - often solving my problems and when she can't she can guide me so I can fix my own problems.  That is a good feeling!

Than you Two Writing Teachers for organizing the Slice of Life Story Challenge.


  1. Oh, Mandy! I feel your pain! Good for you for persevering!

  2. I love how you wrote about Kim. How encouraging to her and other tech mentors!

  3. I wish I knew everything tech people know. How great you got a response and were able to fix the issue with minimal aggravation. Now you have another trick to try when it acts up, because you know it will. It always does.

  4. I love the technology people in my district. They are so, so patient! And so, so knowledgeable! Should I mention that I am also on a first name basis with DeShaun at IStation. He recognizes my voice!